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Our founder and President, Anthony, worked in the family meat markets in the 1970s and 80s breaking down whole sides of beef.  This craftsmanship and hands-on experience has translated into what our beef program is today.

Every customer has different expectations when it comes to beef. This is why we carry a vast selection of boxed beef in all brands, trims and USDA grades. Whether you are a BBQ joint looking for properly aged choice briskets, a retail customer needing rounds for roasts or tubed ground beef, or a Prime Steakhouse wanting the best in US Beef, SRA can meet your needs in fresh beef.

Our burger program gives our customers special edge in the ever-growing burger industry. From standard 80/20 burgers with custom seasonings to prime, dry-aged burger blends, SRA is the answer to the burger question. To learn about our burger blends, click here.

Our fresh, whole muscle blends of ground beef give our customers unmatched flavor, quality and consistency. The beef is ground at cold temperatures, which prevents it from getting overworked. Our patties, available in any size from 2-8oz or 12oz, are formed by a low pressure machine with a noodle textured fill system. This ensures a loosely packed patty that is juicier and more flavorful than a hand packed patty. One taste of our custom whole muscle blends is all it takes.

Our SRA branded boxed and portion controlled USDA Choice and Prime steak program is exclusively sourced from Creekstone Farms. All steaks are aged at least 21 days and up to 60 days by request. If it's not aged... its not an SRA steak. 

The Creekstone Farms legacy began over a decade ago with one simple idea: provide superior beef products to satisfy the most discerning of palates. Upon this vision, we began a beef program based on Black Angus cattle. Why Black Angus beef? Because Black Angus is known as the gold standard for premium beef-consistently tender and delicious. Creekstone Farms is the only beef establishment in the US to offer a Certified All Natural Beef program that is Certified Humane as well.

Box-in, Box-out items:

Ribeye Lip On DN

81/19 Ground Beef

Special Trim

Back Ribs

Ribeye Lip On Up

73/27 Ground Beef

Ball Tips


Tenderloin PSMO

Striploin 0 x 1

Sirloin Flap

S & D Liver

Top Butt Sirloin

Short Loin 0 x 1

Chuck Flap



Teres Major

Flank Steak


Top Round

Shoulder Clod

Peeled Knuckles


Inside Round

Chuck Rolls

Short Rib

Honeycomb Tripe

Gooseneck Round

Eye Round

Chuck Short Rib

Beef Bones


Creekstone Farms:


Excel Beef:

Swift Beef:

Elkhorn Valley Packing: